Bacon Buffalo BLT

Bacon Buffalo BLT

This BLT recipe from The Nerd’s Wife adds an exciting twist on a simple classic. The blogger got the recipe from Wright Bacon, but the recipe can obviously be adapted using any available bacon. This would make for an easy lunch recipe, but could also be an easy dinner option as well. All of the ingredients are very basic, and should be easily available to college students.

Here’s the recipe:


-Wright Brand Bacon, buffalo flavor
-Mrs. Baird’s Bread
-1/2 c mayonnaise
-1 tsp Tabasco sauce
-Dash of cayenne pepper


-Prepare the bacon according to package directions to desired crispness. Slice the tomatoes and lettuce and set aside. Toast the bread.

-Mix together the mayonnaise, Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper. Spread on bread, then top with lettuce, tomatoes and bacon.

Bacon Buffalo BLT

There were not many comments on the recipe, but all reviewers raved about how great the sandwich looked:

Recipe Comment

I look forward to trying this one out, and I may even use the quick spicy mayonnaise sauce for other recipes!



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